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Posted: Jun 21, 2021  

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New resource- MyHEARTSMAP
Posted by member on January 11, 2022

MyHEARTSMAP is a highly reliable mental health self-assessment tool designed for use by youth and their families in the emergency department or at home.

NEW- Bottom Line Recommendations, Cannabis Intoxication
Posted by member on December 16, 2021

Cannabis contains two well known components, Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The psychoactive properties of cannabis are typically attributed to Δ-9-THC, which is present in variable concentrations dependent on the strain, and absorbed at variable rates dependent on the mode of ingestion. We have a NEW Bottom Lin...

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"Nonmedical Opioid Use After Short-term Therapeutic Exposure in Children: A Sy..."

Pediatrics 2021 Malema Ahrari, Samina Ali, Lisa Hartling, Kathryn Dong, Amy L Drendel, Terry P Kl...


Most acutely ill and injured children in Canada are managed within emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital. Difficulties in getting the right resources and training have been cited as barriers to providing the best possible care in these settings. This has resulted in variable levels of emergency care for children within Canada.