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Information on COVID-19
Posted by TREKK member on April 09, 2020

We understand there is growing concern around the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic internationally and within Canada. Find resources developed from reliable sources on COVID-19, hospital preparedness, planning guidelines, and more here: We also recommend checking with your provincial ministry or regional health office for local guidelines and re...

Updated Resource for Ear Infections
Posted by TREKK member on May 14, 2020

Approximately 75% of children will experience at least one ear infection before starting school. Our management summaries (Bottom Line Recommendations) for pediatric acute otitis media have recently been updated based on the latest evidence. Check them out in their new template, available in both French and English!  See the new resources ...


Most acutely ill and injured children in Canada are managed within emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital. Difficulties in getting the right resources and training have been cited as barriers to providing the best possible care in these settings. This has resulted in variable levels of emergency care for children within Canada.