About Trekk

We’re on a mission to improve emergency care for children across Canada.

Who We Are

Most acutely ill and injured children in Canada are managed within emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital.

Difficulties in getting the right resources and training have been cited as barriers to providing the best possible care in these settings.

This has resulted in variable levels of emergency care for children. TREKK launched in 2011 as a knowledge mobilization network through the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Knowledge Mobilization Initiative to address these critical knowledge gaps.

We are a not-for-profit network that aims to improve emergency care for children by co-designing and sharing resources with families and healthcare providers.

Healthcare professional sits with two adults and two children in medical office exam room. Doctor is holding a tablet-like device in one hand and looks to be explaining something while the group listens.

Our Impact


Co-developed evidence-based tools and resources


Collaborators – emergency departments, nursing stations, parents, clinicians, researchers, and organizations


Parent videos viewed on the TREKK YouTube channel


Committee members and content advisors


Resources downloaded


Trainees involved



What We Value

  1. 01Vision

    Every child receives the highest standard of emergency care.

  2. 02Mission

    We co-create and share resources to improve emergency care of children.

  3. 03Values


    We believe emergency healthcare providers and families should have easy access to the best available evidence to care for ill and injured children.


    We invest in creating spaces where people can share openly, question respectfully and feel their ideas, backgrounds, experience, and perspectives are valued.


    We believe in reciprocal partnerships built on trust, honesty, respect, and transparency.


    We value seeking opportunities to grow and and finding new, innovative ways to mobilize knowledge.

    Being Impactful

    We measure our progress, share successes and the lessons learned.

  4. 04Strategic Priorities

    Co-Create Tools and Resources

    Goal: Mobilize evidence in children’s emergency care through the co-creation and sharing of tools and resources.


    Goal: Advance knowledge mobilization science on the co-creation of information, clinical tools, and resources with healthcare providers, families and other end users to explore ways to maximize access and use.


    Goal: Increase the skills and knowledge of healthcare providers and families caring for children in emergencies.


    Goal: Sustain our work and maximize impact through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Network Structure

TREKK's network structure. At the top of the structure is the board of directors with the board committees on the right-hand and below this is, there are bullets for Finance and Audit, and Nominations and Governance. Below the Board of Directors is Network Director then Executive Leadership then Steering Committee. To the right of Executive Leadership is Executive Director, followed by Administrative Centre Staff. To the left of Steering Committee is Advisory Committees with bullets for Knowledge Mobilization Advisory Committee, Parent and Youth Advisory Groups, and Editorial Committee below. Underneath the Steering Committee, there is a bidirectional arrow with General Emergency Departments, Nursing Stations, and Health Centres. In the top left-hand corner is the TREKK logo.