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Committee Meetings

Here you will find information on upcoming and past meetings of the TREKK Committees
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This team is for the internal and external communications of TREKK, as well as links, logos and branded content for media, and internal a...
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News and Events

Here you will find information on news and events relating to TREKK.
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Create a Team

Setting up and hosting a team on TREKK.ca is easy because we do all the initial work for you. If you want to explore this option for your team visit our contact page (link below).


Host Your Team on TREKK.ca

TREKK.ca is a good place to host your team if your mandate aligns with the mandate of TREKK.ca. We have several such teams functioning in this capacity already. They are listed below.

Teams on TREKK.ca enjoy the benefit of ready access to the following Knowledge Synthesis and Translation tools...

  •   Manage memberships with different levels of administrative control.
  •   Create sub-pages (events) on the teams and control access to them as well.
  •   Upload files ( .pdf .jpg .doc, .docx .ppt, .pptx .xls, .xlsx .mp4 .key .txt )
  •   Attach Links
  •   Embed YouTube Videos
  •   Control over visibility of the team, its events and documents
  •   Bulletin-boards on the team and all of its sub-pages
  •   Geo-coding of your Team and its sub-events and even your users
  •   RSS feeds
  •   Twitter Feed and HashTag Support on all Team and Event pages
  •   The ability to promote events to the main site page at TREKK.ca
  •   The ability to embed event information and listings on other sites
  •   A built-in e-Bulletin module to maintain and send out bulletins to your members and to non-member subscribers
  •   Metrics on page views for your team and its sub-pages
  •   Cloud hosting and back-up of your content on Canadian servers.
  •   QR codes are generated on every event page you print to connect your users to your content.