Education Sessions

Effective communication between general and pediatric ED teams is critical to providing timely, high-quality emergency care.

A key focus of TREKK is to increase connections between general and pediatric ED teams. They work together to plan and facilitate education sessions and share resources. These education sessions may be on-site within a general ED (with or without simulation) or virtual depending on the circumstances.

To date, TREKK outreach teams have facilitated more than 160 education sessions with general EDs across the country, reaching over 2400 physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and paramedics.

These sessions have generated positive feedback from attendees, with one educator saying: “Within days of an education session, we had a very sick child come in. We were able to apply that knowledge and it really helped the situation”. A rural ED physician described the sessions as an opportunity to “introduce a lot of concepts that may be foreign to a new graduate and allows us, as healthcare providers, to provide up-to-date, leading-edge care.”


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