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Copyright Conditions

Copyright Conditions

Copyright – conditions for use of content and materials

This page simplifies the copyright conditions in TREKK Website Legal Terms and Disclaimer. As a user of the TREKK website, unless otherwise noted on the content and materials or as stated on this webpage, you are permitted to:

  • Print,
  • Share (digitally or in print),
  • Use,
  • Display for presentation purposes, and
  • Link to

content and materials which are copyright of TREKK for personal and educational non-commercial purposes, as long as you:

  • do not change or modify the content and materials (including by not removing any copyright, trademark, or other notices),
  • do not use any logo, trademark, or other visual representation separately from the content and materials, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, or to imply an endorsement or association for use from TREKK, and
  • report your use of the content and materials to trekk@chrim.ca

We would like to know how our content and materials are being used by others so that we can continue to create responsive materials and understand their impact and reach.

TREKK Physician Order Sets

The same conditions of use as above apply to Physician Order Sets on the TREKK website, with the exception that:

  • You may modify and adapt the Physician Order Sets (other than by removing any copyright, trademark, or other notices) to be used with your local institution or organizations’ electronic systems.

You can read the full TREKK Licence for use of Order Sets. If you have any questions about the conditions of use, or would like to make a use of the TREKK content and materials that goes beyond the permission granted here, please contact trekk@chrim.ca with details of your request. We will endeavour to respond to your email within two weeks of receipt.

These conditions are subject to change, and we recommend reviewing them from time to time. By failing to follow these conditions, you lose the ongoing right to use the content and materials and must cease all prior uses.