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Procedural sedation and analgesia, commonly referred to as “sedation,” is a treatment strategy to relieve pain, anxiety and suppress patient movements during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures by administering anxiolytic, sedative, analgesic, and/or dissociative drugs. The goal is to minimize patient awareness and discomfort while maintaining patient safety. Sedation depth should vary in accordance with the specific needs of the patient and procedure.

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Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast: Pediatric Procedural Sedation (2016)


Dr. Amy Drendel

Episode 76: Join Dr. Amy Drendel, a world leader in pediatric pain management and procedural sedation research, as she discusses how best to manage pain and anxiety in three situations in the ED: the child with a painful fracture, the child who requires imaging in the radiology department and the child who requires a lumbar puncture.

Published online: February 2016