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Cochrane Systematic Review: Corticosteroids for bacterial meningitis


Brouwer MC, McIntyre P, Prasad K, van de Beek D.

Objectives: To examine the effect of adjuvant corticosteroid therapy versus placebo on mortality, hearing loss and neurological sequelae in people of all ages with bacterial meningitis.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Fluid therapy for bacterial meningitis


Maconochie IK, Bhaumik S.

Objectives: To evaluate treatment of bacterial meningitis with differing volumes of initial fluid administration (up to 72 hours after first presentation) and the effects on death and neurological sequelae.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Osmotic therapies added to antibiotics for bacterial meningitis


Wall EC, Ajdukiewicz KM, Heyderman RS, Garner P.

Objectives: To evaluate the effects on mortality, deafness and neurological disability of osmotic therapies added to antibiotics for bacterial meningitis in children and adults.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Third generation cephalosporins versus conventional antibiotics for treating bacterial meningitis


Prasad K, Kumar A, Gupta PK, Singhal T.

Objectives: The objective of this review was to compare the effectiveness and safety of third generation cephalosporins and conventional treatment with penicillin or ampicillin-chloramphenicol in patients with community-acquired ABM.