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Cochrane Systematic Review: Anti-inflammatory treatment for carditis in acute rheumatic fever


Cilliers A, Manyemba J, Adler AJ, Saloojee H

OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin, corticosteroids, immunoglobulin and pentoxifylline for preventing or reducing further heart valve damage in patients with acute rheumatic fever.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Herbal medicines for viral myocarditis


Liu ZL, Liu ZJ, Liu JP, Kwong JS

OBJECTIVES: To assess the benefits and harms of herbal medicines on clinical (e.g. mortality, incidence of complications) and indirect outcomes (e.g. cardiac function, biochemical response) in patients with viral myocarditis, irrespective of the patients' age, gender or type (including acute and chronic viral myocarditis).

Cochrane Systematic Review: Intravenous immunoglobulin for presumed viral myocarditis in children and adults


Robinson J, Hartling L, Vandermeer B, Crumley E, Klassen TP

OBJECTIVES: To compare the outcome of patients with presumed viral myocarditis treated with IVIG to patients who did not receive IVIG.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Corticosteroids for viral myocarditis


Chen HS, Wang W, Wu SN, Liu JP

OBJECTIVES: The existing review was updated. The primary objective of this review is to assess the beneficial and harmful effects of treating acute or chronic viral myocarditis with corticosteroids. The secondary objective is to determine the best dose regimen.