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Cochrane Systematic Review: Antibiotics for preventing complications in children with measles


Kabra SK, Lodha R

OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of antibiotics given to children with measles to prevent complications and reduce pneumonia, other morbidities and mortality.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Chinese medicinal herbs for measles


Chen S, Wu T, Kong X, Yuan H

OBJECTIVES: To assess the effectiveness and possible adverse effects of Chinese medicinal herbs for measles.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Routine vitamin A supplementation for the prevention of blindness due to measles infection in children


Bello S, Meremikwu MM, Ejemot-Nwadiaro RI, Oduwole O.

Objectives: To assess the efficacy of vitamin A in preventing blindness in children with measles without prior clinical features of vitamin A deficiency.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Vitamin A for non-measles pneumonia in children


Ni J,Wei J,Wu T.

Objectives: To determine whether adjunctive vitamin A is effective in infants and children diagnosed with non-measles pneumonia.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Vitamin A for treating measles in children


Huiming Y, Chaomin W, Meng M.

Objectives: To determine whether vitamin A therapy, commenced after measles has been diagnosed, is beneficial in preventing mortality, pneumonia and other secondary complications in children.