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Cochrane Systematic Review: Advising patients to increase fluid intake for treating acute respiratory infections


Guppy MP, Mickan SM, Del Mar CB, Thorning S, Rack A

OBJECTIVES: To answer the following questions.1. Does recommending increased fluid intake as a treatment for acute respiratory infections improve duration and severity of symptoms? 2. Are there adverse effects from recommending increased fluids in people with acute respiratory infections? 3. Are any benefits or harms related to site of infection (upper or lower respiratory tract) or a different severity of illness?

Cochrane Systematic Review: Reduced osmolarity oral rehydration solution for treating dehydration caused by acute diarrhoea in children


Hahn S, Kim S, Garner P. Reduced osmolarity oral rehydration solution for tr...

OBJECTIVES: To compare reduced osmolarity ORS with WHO standard ORS in children with acute diarrhoea.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Oral rehydration salt solution for treating cholera: 270 mOsm/L solutions vs 310 mOsm/L solutions


Musekiwa A, Volmink J

OBJECTIVES: To compare the safety and efficacy of ORS /= 310 for treating dehydration due to cholera.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Oral versus intravenous rehydration for treating dehydration due to gastroenteritis in children


Hartling L, Bellemare S, Wiebe N, Russell K, Klassen TP, Craig W

OBJECTIVES: To compare oral with intravenous therapy for treating dehydration due to acute gastroenteritis in children.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Polymer-based oral rehydration solution for treating acute watery diarrhoea


Gregorio GV, Gonzales ML, Dans LF, Martinez EG

OBJECTIVES: To compare polymer-based ORS with glucose-based ORS for treating acute watery diarrhoea.