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Cochrane Systematic Review: Antibiotics for the prevention of acute and chronic suppurative otitis media in children


Leach AJ, Morris PS

OBJECTIVES: To determine the effectiveness of long-term antibiotics (for longer than six weeks) in preventing any AOM, AOM with perforation and C

Cochrane Systematic Review: Antibiotics for prolonged moist cough in children


Marchant JM, Morris P, Gaffney JT, Chang AB.

Objectives: A Cochrane systematic review was undertaken to determine the efficacy of antibiotics in treating children with chronic moist cough (excluding those with bronchiectasis or other underlying respiratory illnesses).

Cochrane Systematic Review: gastroesophageal reflux treatment for prolonged non-specific cough in children and adults


Chang AB, Lasserson TJ, Gaffney J, Connor FL, Garske LA.

Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of GORD treatment on chronic cough in children and adults with GORD and prolonged cough that is not related to an underlying respiratory disease, i.e. non-specific chronic cough.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Honey and lozenges for children with non-specific cough


Mulholland S, Chang AB.

Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of honey and/or lozenges in the management of children with chronic non-specific cough.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Inhaled beta2-agonists for non-specific chronic cough in children


Tomerak AA, Vyas H, Lakenpaul M, McGlashan JJ, McKean M.

Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of inhaled ss2 agonists in non-specific chronic cough in children over the age of 2 years.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Selenium supplementation for asthma


Allam MF, Lucane RA.

Objectives: Recognition that chronic asthma can be associated with selenium deficiency has led to the investigation of the role of selenium supplementation in reducing the symptoms and impact of chronic asthma. The objective of this review was to assess the efficacy of selenium supplementation as an adjunct to medication for the treatment of chronic asthma.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Intravenous immunoglobulin for myasthenia gravis


Gajdos P, Chevret S, Toyka KV

OBJECTIVES: To examine the efficacy of IVIg for treating exacerbations of myasthenia gravis or for chronic myasthenia gravis.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Nasal saline irrigations for the symptoms of chronic Sinusitis


Harvey R, Hannan SA, Badia L, Scadding G

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of topical saline in the management of chronic Sinusitis.

Cochrane Systematic Review: Aloe vera for treating acute and chronic wounds


Dat AD, Poon F, Pham KB, Doust J

OBJECTIVES: To determine the effects of Aloe vera-derived products (for example dressings and topical gels) on the healing of acute wounds (for example lacerations, surgical incisions and burns) and chronic wounds (for example infected wounds, arterial and venous ulcers).