Team: Pediatric Packs (PedsPacs)

Pediatric Packages (PedsPacs) are point-of-care resources for managing critically ill or injured children, developed by leading experts using the best available evidence in the field of pediatric emergency care.

PedsPacs are bundles of practical tools for use in community and tertiary emergency departments (EDs) across Canada. The resources contained in PedsPacs include both cognitive and instructional aids. Cognitive aids include a condition management algorithm, a triage screener, pocket cards, an age/weight-based drug dosing binder, pre-printed order sets, and a transport checklist. Instructional aids include a simulation-based video podcast with expert commentary, and education resources.

PedsPacs are developed by a multidisciplinary team led by TREKK Co-Director Dr. Mona Jabbour (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario/CHEO) that consists of emergency physicians, intensivists, pharmacists, nurses, and specialists in the topic fields for various conditions. During development of PedsPacs, feedback is continuously solicited from community physicians, pediatricians, and ED nurses to improve the efficacy and rigor of these tools.

Available PedsPacs:

  • Sepsis (posted April 2017)
  • Status Epilepticus (coming soon)

Upcoming PedsPacs:

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis (coming in 2018)
  • Anaphylaxis (coming in 2018)

Implementing the PedsPacs:

The resources are presently being used in tertiary Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC) hospitals across the country, and selected  community emergency departments during pilot training sessions.  For additional information, please contact your TREKK Coordinator. If you do not know your TREKK Coordinator, please visit our Contact page.

 Have you recently been involved in a PedsPac training session and would like to provide your feedback via the survey? Fill out the survey here: https://redcap.cheori.org/surveys/?s=PNWJHK8NE7