We have a variety of knowledge translation tools for parents and caregivers on common childhood conditions. These tools are designed to provide evidence-based health information to parents and families to help them care for their sick children at home, and to aid them in understanding when to seek emergency department care. We work hard to engage health care providers, parents and caregivers throughout our tool development process. 

The information provided on TREKK.ca is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and their own physician or healthcare provider.

How to Help When Your Child Needs to Get a Needle Poke

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Needle pokes are one of the most common sources of pain for children seeking emergency medical care. Needle pokes may be used during healthcare visits to collect blood, deliver medication and fluids, or to numb certain body parts while stitching, for example. This interactive infographic provides useful age-specific tips for parents and families who have a child that may require a needle poke.

This infographic was created through a collaboration between ECHO Research (University of Alberta), TREKK, and ARCHE (University of Alberta). Funding was provided by the Networks of Centres of Excellence and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation through the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute.