ED Clinical Pathways Implementation

Best strategies to implement clinical pathways in an emergency department setting

The Clinical Pathways:

Gastro Pathway

Asthma Pathway

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What is it?                        

An Ontario-wide study to identify best strategies to promote uptake of high quality, expert developed Clinical Pathways (CPs) within Emergency Departments.

The study team will work with 16 Community EDs across Ontario to i) tailor an implementation strategy that works for each ED, ii) assist with the implementation of one pediatric emergency CP (Asthma or Gastroenteritis) at each site, and iii) evaluate the impact on health professionals, patient outcomes and economic costs.

View the study protocol in Implementation Science

Why is it needed?

Clinical Pathways (CPs) provide “best evidence point of care management” and have the potential to promote:

  • Improved patient care while decreasing costs

  • Readily accessible evidence-based management plans

  • Patient safety and efficiency of care processes through standardized care that can be anticipated by the health team

Who is involved? 

Anyone involved in the care of pediatric asthma or gastroenteritis at the 16 ED sites. Each site will have two site champions: an ED nurse/educator and an ED physician.

How long will it take place?

The 3.5-year long study will take place in different phases:

  • Preparation: Qualitative interviews with site administrators, strategy development

  • Implementation: We will work with your team to implement the CP within 9 months

  • Post-Implementation: Qualitative interviews with site administrators

  • Data Collection: 9-month pre/post chart audits of patients with asthma or GE, and economic analysis                                                                                                             

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