PERC Representatives & Coordinators

Each TREKK emergency department (ED) is partnered with a Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC) site. Together, they conducted a needs assessment to collect data on the information needs and preferences of the health providers and the families they care for. In addition, they connect to share resources and educational opportunities in order to improve emergency care for children.

The care of children in emergency departments has changed rapidly over the last 25 years. Clinical expertise and research in this area are growing, giving us better information on the best care. However, children are mainly cared for in emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital and may not have easy access to this new information.

We want to improve how knowledge is shared between health professionals in the general emergency departments and the specialists and researchers within children’s hospitals and universities.

PERC Partner Sites

There are 14 Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC) sites that have partnered with TREKK general emergency departments across Canada to improve how knowledge is shared. Each site has a TREKK coordinator and representative:

BC Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Melissa Chan

Connected EDs:

  • Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • Victoria General Hospital
  • Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital
  • Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Stollery Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Sarah Curtis

TREKK Coordinator: Mithra Sivakumar

Connected EDs:

  • Leduc Community Hospital
  • Northeast Community Health Centre
  • Stanton Territorial Hospital

Alberta Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Antonia Stang

Pediatric Emergency Research Team

Connected EDs:

  • Brooks Health Centre
  • Peter Lougheed Centre
  • Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre

Royal University Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Ahmed Mater

TREKK Coordinator: Joan Dietz

Connected EDs:

  • Cypress Regional Hospital
  • Saskatoon City Hospital
  • St. Paul's Hospital

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg – Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Darcy Beer

Connected EDs:

  • Bethesda General Hospital
  • Portage District General Hospital 
  • Seven Oaks General Hospital

Children's Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre

PERC Representative: Dr. Gary Joubert

TREKK Coordinator: Kamary Coriolano Da Silva & Kristine Fraser

Connected EDs:

  • Seaforth Community Hospital
  • Stratford General Hospital
  • St. Mary's Memorial Hospital
  • St. Thomas General Hospital

The Hospital for Sick Children

PERC Representative: Dr. Suzanne Beno

Connected EDs:

  • Credit Valley Hospital
  • Trillium Health Centre
  • Milton District Hospital

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

PERC Representative: Dr. Sarah Reid

TREKK Coordinator: Candice McGahern

Connected EDs:

  • Winchester District Memorial Hospital
  • Renfrew Victoria Hospital
  • Queensway Carleton Hospital

Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Anne Moffatt

Connected EDs:

  • Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital
  • Perth Great War Memorial District Hospital

CHU Sainte-Justine Mother & Child University Hospital Centre

PERC Representative: Dr. Serge Gouin

TREKK Coordinator: Marie-Christine Auclair

Connected EDs:

  • Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal
  • Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
  • Hotel-Dieu de Sorel

Montreal Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Ilana Bank

IWK Health Centre

PERC Representative: Dr. Shannon MacPhee

TREKK Coordinator: Eleanor Fitzpatrick

Connected EDs:

  • Saint John Regional Hospital
  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital
  • Miramichi Regional Hospital

Janeway Children's Health and Rehabilitation Centre

PERC Representative: Dr. Bob Porter

TREKK Coordinator: Debbie Harnum

Connected EDs:

  • Carbonear General Hospital
  • Western Memorial Hospital

McMaster Children's Hospital

PERC Representative: Dr. Natasha Gill

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