Mobile Apps Information Page

This is a very simple app meant for TREKK.ca users in Canada to access tips on current available publications listed on http://trekk.ca/browse_resources.

Users have requested this app because although the TREKK.ca website is a responsive web design app it still takes a while for users to "get in and out again" when accessing information. In an emergency setting finding time and connectivity is often a challenge. If all you are wanting is to figure out if there is a new publication on a specific subject this app speeds up that experience considerably. The user still needs to be connected to the internet to access the information though because we are an aggregator and not a host of content. The App does possess the ability to download and store PDF's for but not web pages.

This App pulls selected data from TREKK.ca to allow for offline browsing. This is handy if you are needing to look something up on TREKK's evidence repository but are deep inside a hospital where cellular data is often lacking.

In most cases you will have to be connected to the Internet to go out and get the information such as PDFs, Podcasts or Pubmed Articles. This is becasue TREKK.ca is a trusted Aggregator. We Aggregate curated links to other organizations trusted content - so you still need to connect to the internet to head on to that external content.