Our Mission

Our vision

Our vision is for every child to receive the highest standard of care, whether they are treated in a pediatric or general emergency department.


Our mission is for TREKK to be the trusted source for easy access to the latest evidence, best practices, user-friendly resources and discussions in pediatric emergency care. It will be created and used by health professionals and the families they care for. Its work will drive the highest quality health care for children and families seeking emergency care in Canada.

Our values

TREKK is committed to improving emergency care for children and families across Canada through:

Collaboration – between patients and families, researchers, health providers, organizations and policy makers
High-Quality Standards – that drive consistent, evidence-based care
Integrity – by being a trusted source of knowledge for practitioners, patients and families
Leadership – in knowledge creation, exchange and mobilization in pediatric emergency care
Dedication – to the children and families across Canada and their emergency care providers

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