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Terry Klassen

I am a pediatric emergency physician who has been very interested in generating new evidence for improving the care of children presenting to the emergency department. My major areas of interest have dealt with minor head injury, croup and bronchiolits. Ensuring this evidence improves care, or knowledge translation, has been an increasingly more important part of my research program. It lead to this grant TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) and I am very exciting about the potential of this program to improve the care of the acutely ill or injured child presenting to an emergency department. My major roles are Director of Research for the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM), Associate Dean, Academic for the University of Manitoba and Director of the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, a joint venture of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the University of Manitoba.

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Name: Terry Klassen
Phone: 204-789-3754


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CJEM, 2018,

Knowledge sharing between general and pediatric emergency departments: connections, barriers, and opportunities.


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Klassen  terry 

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