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Team: Committee Meetings
Posted on January 12, 2011


Meeting: Web Meetings

Team: Committee Meetings

Date: This is not a timed event.

The important thing to remember is...
TREKK.ca IS NOT AdobeConnectPro

AdobeConnectPro is its own separate online solution that just does webinars. All CanadaCPD.com sites including TREKK.ca use Adobe Connect Pro to host their Web based meetings. By standardizing on one platform it makes it easier for suppport and orient.

There are two persons capable of hosting TREKK.ca Meetings.  

More hosts can be added as needed but the solution is priced by host not by user so it pays to just have a few hosts. Only hosts can create meeting rooms and start meetings but they don't necessarily need to be present for the whole meeting. Individual participants who are of a non paying, non host status can be allowed to take control of the meeting after a host has started it and can even shut it down when it is done.

The Meeting room for all TREKK meetings is

The back-end admin interface where hosts can manipulate their meeting information and content is
(requires host status)

Adobe connect pro likes to send you lots of helpful warnings like you have exceeded registerd host quotas even when you have not. Click 'OK' and ignore them. Your stuff will still work.

Web Links and Embedded Content

  • http://trekk.adobeconnect.com/webmeeting
  • http://manitobacme.com/events/140
  • http://manitobacpd.com/events/324



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