Story: TREKK's ethics applications: a letter to the editor


Story: TREKK's ethics applications: a letter to the editor

Team: Needs Assessment

Date: This is not a timed event.


TREKK's experience with seeking ethical approval at 23 universities and hospitals was highlighted in a letter to the editor of the Paediatric & Child Health journal's November edition (Vol 17 No 9). 

The TREKK executive committee along with Liza Bialy, PERC coordinator, and Lauren Albrecht, Needs Assessment Coordinator, wrote the letter which stated their belief that a standardized national ethics application would be a strategic step to ensure more efficient use of research resources.  They also urged others to engage in this important discussion.

 The link to the letter is below.


Research ethics approval: Research ethics applications must be completed when  engaging with human participants in research projects. Through this research ethics application our processes, such as informed consent, participant recruitment, data security and data sharing, are reviewed and approved according to the national Tri-Council Policy Statement protocol.

Operational aproval: Operational approval must be obtained before entering a research site. Through the operational approval process, research sites review the research project and give us the authority to collect data on their premesis.

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