Project: Social Network Analysis 2016


Project: Social Network Analysis 2016

Team: Social Networking Analysis

Date: This is not a timed event.


Social networks are an important mechanism for knowledge sharing. The analysis of social networks focuses on uncovering the patterns of people’s interactions.

Social Network Analysis 2016

The 2016 Social Network Analysis is currently underway.  We will be interviewing approximately 20 healthcare professionals from across Canada.

The purpose of this study will be to build on the results of two previous quantitative survey analyses by gaining a more in-depth understanding of the interconnectivity of our national network through qualitative phone interviews. The social network analysis will contribute to the overall TREKK objective to build a sustainable knowledge mobilization network in pediatric emergency care by:

  • determining patterns of knowledge sharing and connectivity between rural, urban and community emergency departments
  • identifying strategies and initiatives used to share pediatric emergency knowledge, including current challenges and successes
  • identifying ‘professional leaders’ and local knowledge brokers of the network

Please contact the TREKK KT Coordinator (lcrockett@exchange.hsc.mb.ca) for more information.