Podcast: Pediatric Procedural Sedation

Podcast: Pediatric Procedural Sedation


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Posted on February 09, 2016


Announcement: Podcast: Pediatric Procedural Sedation

Team: News and Events

Date: This is not a timed event.

EM Cases releases its latest podcast, "Pediatric Procedural Sedation."

Join Dr. Amy Drendel, a world leader in pediatric pain management and procedural sedation research, as she discusses how best to manage pain and anxiety in three situations in the ED: the child with a painful fracture, the child who requires imaging in the radiology department and the child who requires a lumbar puncture.

Dr. Drendel answers such questions as:

  • What are the risk factors for a failed Pediatric Procedural Sedation?
  • Why is IV Ketamine preferred over IM Ketamine?
  • In what situations is Nitrous Oxide an ideal sedative?
  • How long does a child need to be observed in the ED after Procedural Sedation?
  • Do children need to have fasted before procedural sedation?
  • What is the anxiolytic of choice for children requiring a CT scan?
  • and many more…

Listen to the podcast and read the written summary here.

Dr. Amy Drendel is the TREKK co-content advisor for pediatric pain, including presenting pain and procedural pain.