2018/19 Annual Report Summary


Team: News and Events
Posted on August 20, 2019

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Announcement: 2018/19 Annual Report Summary

Team: News and Events

Date: This is not a timed event.

Children are not small adults – they have unique differences that need specialized knowledge and care. In an effort to close critical knowledge gaps and improve emergency care for children across Canada, TREKK provides instant access to information for those who need it most. Looking back on the highlights of 2018-19 in our Annual Report Summary, it’s easy to see that the past year was full of growth for the TREKK network. As we enter into our last year as a Networks of Centres of Excellence-Knowledge Mobilization Network, we are actively seeking funding from federal, provincial, and charitable organizations to support our vision of improving emergency care for all children in Canada.

Thank you to the researchers, clinicians, parents, and organizations for helping us make this year such a success!

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