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November 13, 2015

TREKK E-update: November 13th, 2015

Happy Friday from the TREKK central admin team!

In this e-update check out our latest bottom line recommendations, evidence repositories and blog series. We have many new resources in development, so be sure to check back to regularly!

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Treating multisystem trauma: Blood-clot promoting drugs

New Resources on!

New this month to

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Treating multisystem trauma: Blood-clot promoting drugs

This week in TREKKs fall blog series, we highlight a Cochrane summary on blood clot promoting drugs for children with acute traumatic injury.

Authors' conclusions:

TXA safely reduces mortality in trauma patients with bleeding without increasing the risk of adverse events.  TXA should be given as early as possible and within three hours of injury, as further analysis of the CRASH-2 trial showed that treatment later than this is unlikely to be effective and may be harmful. Although there is some promising evidence for the effect of TXA in patients with TBI, substantial uncertainty remains. 

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Stay tuned for next weeks blog on Procedural Pain: Psychological interventions for children and adolescents. 

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