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September 29, 2014

We've been working hard throughout the summer to update our website with new evidence based tools and resources. Check out these additions to our TREKK resource repository:


1) Bottom Line Recommendations for the treatment and management of pediatric croup and gastroenteritis in the emergency department.

2) Evidence Summaries of Overviews of Systematic Reviews for croup, gastroenteritis and bronchiolitis.

3) Links to pediatric emergency podcasts for a variety of clinical conditions.

In This Issue

CAPHC Webinar: Pediatric Concussion - New Guidelines for Optimal Care

Pediatric concussion and guidelines for optimal care - free webinar online

link >> Registration Link

link >> CAPHC Website

link >> Access this CAPHC webinar online

The Council of Canadian Academies launches its newest report, Improving Medicines for Children in Canada

Children who are ill need treatment that is appropriate for the age and stage of their developing bodies and minds, and medicines designed for adults may not be suitable for these needs. New report looks at the state of research and regulations leading to the approval of medicines — both pharmaceuticals and biologics, including vaccines — for children, in Canada and abroad.

Reported Practice Variation in Pediatric Pain Management: A Survey of Canadian Pediatric Emergency Physicians.

This Pediatric Emergency Research Canada study is featured on the September cover of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine

TREKK Annual Report Summary

What have we been up to this past year? What are we working hard to achieve in the coming year? Find out in our 2015/16 Annual Report Summary

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link >> TREKK Timeline - October 2017

PERC 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting

Save the date for the PERC 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in Banff, Alberta - Sunday February 1st - Thursday February 5th, 2015.

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