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Issue: December 2012 Issue

December 20, 2012

Welcome to TREKK’s first e-update

It was just over a year ago that we announced TREKK. I am so proud to be part of a team that has such commitment and passion to pediatric emergency care and the success of this initiative. Thank you to each and every team member for all your hard work and support throughout the challenges of this first year.

The coming year will bring the survey results from the Needs Assessment team. This important work will guide the other phases of TREKK, and help us prioritize the identified knowledge needs, produce and implement new resources and fill the knowledge gaps in pediatric care within our partner general emergency departments.

I hope you’ll find this email a useful and quick way to get up to date on TREKK’s news and activities. If you have any ideas for future issues, please email

I wish you all the very best during the holiday season and look forward to an exciting new year.

Terry Klassen, TREKK Director


In This Issue

January 2014 TREKK meeting at PERC Annual Scientific Meeting

A TREKK meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 at the PERC 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting, which runs from January 26-30 at the Fairmont Mont Tremblant.

link >> PERC website

TREKK's ethics applications: a letter to the editor

TREKK’s experience of seeking ethics approval was highlighted in a letter to the editor of the Paediatric & Child Health journal's November edition (Vol 17 No 9).  

TREKK has been in the process of obtaining research ethics board approvals at seven academic institutions and 17  hospitals or health regions. Operational approvals are also being obtained at 16 hospitals that don’t have an ethics board. These approvals are needed to complete the  needs assessment surveys of health professionals and consumers in our partner general emergency departments and  data collection cannot take place without them. Please email Liza Bialy, PERC coordinator, at with any questions about ethics and operational approvals.  

The process to obtain Network and Service agreements is separate to ethics/operational approval. These agreements are necessary legal contracts that outline the requirements and activities of the network. For any questions about the Network/Service agreements and funding, please call the TREKK administrative team in Winnipeg on (204) 975 7744 or email

link >> Letter To Editor

TREKK information sheets

A new leaflet aimed at health professionals is now available on It gives a broad overview of TREKK and can be used to promote the initiative. Please note: this leaflet is not a substitution for the ethics approved consent form that should be used at the local sites.

link >> TREKK Leaflet

Jan 8th 2013 TREKK Prioritization Committee Meeting

The Prioritization committee's first meeting is on January 8th. Members will include representatives from the general emergency departments, Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC), the international network - Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN), Knowledge Translation Canada and TREKK’s Executive Committee.

This committee will regularly review the results provided by the needs assessment team and distill the needs into a comprehensive summary of clinical skills and knowledge. The knowledge needs will be prioritized and recommendations made as to the formats (eg. clinical pathways, clinical decision support) and venues (eg. Human Patient Simulation, web-based modules and face-to-face teaching) for knowledge transfer.

The meeting will be via webinar or teleconference and members will get the agenda by early January 2013. Committee members are asked to make sure they can log into to access documents and any chat board discussion. Any questions? Contact Lisa Knisley, Knowledge Broker at or (204) 789 3323.

link >> PrioritizationMeetingsWebinarLink


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Featured TREKK Members

Lauren Albrecht M.Ed., B.Ed.

Lauren is the Needs Assessment Coordinator and your main point of contact for all needs assessment questions. She is responsible for coordinating data collection (quantitative and qualitative) at the 35 TREKK sites to determine the information needs and preferences of their health care professionals and consumers. This includes communication with all team members, electronic survey development, equipment management and all data collection processes. For questions on any aspect of the needs assessment phase, including participant recruitment, iPads, technical questions/concerns, please call Lauren on (780) 492 9682 or email her at, Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 4:30 pm (Mountain Standard Time).

Visit the Needs Assessment web page for more information about this important first phase of TREKK.


Shannon Scott

Shannon is the Principal Investigator of the Needs Assessment and a Co-Director of TREKK. She is responsible for the 'science' of phase one, so that the results of the needs assessment can inform future phases of TREKK. As part of the Director Team, Shannon is a decision maker regarding project infrastructure, administration, policies, and resources. Please contact Shannon via email  at

Featured Team

Needs Assessment

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