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The needs assessment revealed that emergency healthcare professionals primarily want to receive new information through summary documents and professional development opportunities. As a result, TREKK is creating a suite of instantly accessible, easy-to-use educational tools and sharing them through teaching sessions and conferences.


Tools for healthcare professionals

TREKK Co-Directors Dr. Mona Jabbour and Dr. David Johnson lead the development of the following tools for general emergency healthcare professionals: 

Bottom Line Recommendations 

Short summaries of the latest knowledge related to the diagnosis and management of pediatric emergency conditions that can be readily accessed by ED staff in time-sensitive situations. In 2015/16 TREKK created 5 new Bottom Line Recommendations (fractures, intussusception, procedural sedation, severe head injury, multisystem trauma) in both English and French and now has created 13 Bottom Line Recommendations in total. 


Pediatric podcasts 

We partnered with Emergency Medicine Cases to develop podcasts for pediatric-specific conditions. Completed podcasts include asthma, trauma, congenital heart defect emergencies and more. 


Pediatric Packs (PedsPacs) 

PedsPacs are a bundle of point-of-care tools to support emergency teams to competently manage a child with certain conditions. The PedsPac for sepsis is now available on trekk.ca. PedsPacs for status epilepticus, DKA, and asthma are in development. 


Tools for parents and families

TREKK Co-Directors, Drs Shannon Scott and Lisa Hartling are developing decision-making tools for parents and families. They are in the process of developing tools for gastroenteritis, procedural pain and acute otitis media (ear infection). You can find the completed tools for parents on our patients and families page.


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