What is TREKK?

The TREKK Network is connecting emergency specialists, child health researchers, patients and families to speed up how the latest knowledge in children’s emergency care is put into practice in general emergency departments across Canada. We expand our Evidence Repository based on the needs of general emergency departments. TREKK has 31 world-renowned researchers and 25 content advisers across North America developing resources for healthcare professionals as well as patients and families. 

At TREKK, we're focused on knowledge translation – transforming knowledge into tools that can be used in practice. For more information about knowledge translation, click the links below.

Knowledge Nudge

The George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation

Knowledge Translation Canada


  • Empower families to make informed pediatric healthcare decisions
    By creating tools (videos, storybooks, etc) tailored to their needs and preferences
  • Improve care of children in general emergency departments
    Through the creation and sharing of simulation-based training programs and tools for general emergency department practitioners
  • Expand TREKK’s reach
    By developing more evidence-based tools and resources and promoting TREKK as the preferred forum for sharing pediatric emergency care knowledge


TREKK is made possible by the Government of Canada's Networks of Centres of Excellence-Knowledge Mobilization Initiative. We gratefully acknowledge support from our partners


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Lisa Knisley at lknisley@chrim.ca or 204 789 3323