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1% of babies are born with congenital heart defects, wherein the structure of the heart is abnormal. 1 in 4 of these have critical defects that usually require a procedure or corrective surgery in infancy and some can be fatal if not recognized and treated promptly in the newborn period.

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Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast: Cyanotic Infant


Dr. Gary Joubert & Dr. Anton Helman

Best Case Ever #48: In anticipation of EM Cases’ upcoming episode, Congenital Heart Disease Emergencies, Dr. Gary Joubert discusses his Best Case Ever of a four month old infant who presents with intermittent cyanosis. The Cyanotic Infant can present a significant challenge to the EM provider as the differential is wide, ranging from benign causes such as GERD to life threatening heart disease that may present atypically in a well-appearing child. Dr. Joubert provides some simple clinical pearls to help ED providers along the way. Published online: July 2016. 

Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast: Congenital Heart Disease Emergencies


Dr. Gary Joubert & Dr. Ashley Strobel

Episode 84: You might be surprised to learn that the prevalence of critical cardiac disease in infants is almost as high as the prevalence of infant sepsis. Critical congenital heart defects are often missed in the ED. For a variety of reasons, there are currently more children with congenital heart disease presenting to the ED than ever before and these numbers will continue to grow in the future. With the goal of learning a practical approach to congenital heart disease emergencies using the child’s age, colour and few simple tests, Dr. Strobel and Dr. Joubert will discuss some key actions, pearls and pitfalls so that the next time you’re faced with that crashing baby in the resuscitation room, you’ll know exactly what to do. This podcast topic was chosen based on a Canada-wide needs assessment by TREKK – translating emergency knowledge for kids. 

Published online: August 2016.