Suspected Physical Child Abuse Podcasts

Physical child abuse is an important cause of pediatric morbidity and mortality and is associated with major physical and mental health problems that can extend into adulthood. The most common abusive injuries include bruises, burns, fractures, and head injuries. Recognition and appropriate management of physical maltreatment by emergency department providers is critical, as the emergency department may be the first and/or only medical contact for the child.

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Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast: Suspected Physical Child Abuse


Dr. Sue Beno, Dr. Faud Alnaji

Management of the pediatric trauma patient is challenging regardless of where you work. In this EM Cases episode, two leading pediatric trauma experts, Dr. Sue Beno from Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and Dr. Faud Alnaji from Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa answer such questions as: what are the most important physiologic and anatomic differences between children and adults that are key to managing the trauma patient? How much fluid should be given prior to blood products? What is the role of POCUS in abdominal trauma? Which patients require abdominal CT?